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Ronald McDonald House


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Help Us Help... 'RONALD MC DONALD HOUSE'     

Our school is collecting ALUMINUM POP TABS from any type of can that has pop tabs.

Many Ronald McDonald Houses work with local recycling centers to receive money for collecting tabs from aluminum cans - including those from soda cans, vegetable and soup cans, and pet food cans. Click on the link below to see if a Ronald McDonald House near you participates in the Pop Tab Collection Program. If your local House does participate, it may provide cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house. These collection containers can be distributed to schools, community and civic groups and other organizations that want to help. Drop-off your pop tabs in the front office at Volusia Pines Elementary or you can send in with your child.

Pop Tab Fun Facts

  • The Ronald McDonald House Pop Tab Collection Program was established in 1987 by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Ronald McDonald House community.
  • To date, more than 400 million pop tabs have been collected, generating more than $4 million.
  • The ring-pull can was invented in 1962.
  • The pop tab was invented by Ermal Fraze in Kettering, Ohio.
  • Kettering's Fraze Pavilion, a popular amphitheater in Dayton, Ohio, is named after the pop tab inventor.


Pop Tab Measurement Equivalents

1 inch = 1 pop tab

1 foot = 12 pop tabs

1 meter = 40 pop tabs

1 lb. = 1,267 pop tabs

1 km = 40,000 pop tabs

1 mile = 63,360 pop tab

Box Tops for Education


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'Box Tops for Education' and Campbell Soup labels...

This is a great way for our school to earn FREE merchandise and we need your help. Our school collects Box Tops from Betty Crocker products and Pillsbury products. Box Tops for Education can be found on General Mills Cereals, Betty Crocker products such as Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper and Chicken Helper, dessert mixes, frosting, specialty potatoes and muffin mixes.  They can also be found on Betty Crocker fruit snacks such as Fruit Roll-ups and Fruit by the Foot. Juicy- Juice products, Ziploc products, Kotex products, Huggies and Hefty products have been added to the box top program. 

Some of the products that are eligible for redemption in the program include:

  • Campbell's soup -UPC barcode
  • Prego pasta sauces - UPC barcode
  • Pepperidge Farms goldfish crackers -UPC barcode  
  • Pepperidge Farms breads, cookies and frozen products -UPC barcode
  • Swanson broths and canned poultry -UPC barcode
  • Franco-American Spaghetti-O's pasta - UPC barcode
  • V-8 Splash beverages- need to save the  lids

Donesha Goodson-Collado  is our new  "Box Top Lady." You may send them in with your child or drop them off at the Front Office. Last school year we collected 10,000 box tops with your help!  Let's see if we can top that this year! Thank you for your support.      

** a box top note:  The Box Top redemption program furnished our Science Lab  with a classroom miniature greenhouse! They can hardly wait to set it up! So, keep those box tops and labels coming to school. Many classes are receiving the rewards. Link to BoxTops4Education

Ink/Toner Cartridges  

We collect empty laser and ink jet cartridges to earn extra money for our Media Center.

This helps us protect our environment by aiding in recycling and keeping these non-degrading materials out of our landfills while earning money to purchase new books for our students. You may turn in any ink cartridges or toner cartridges to the Media Center. Thank you for your help.