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School Improvement and School Advisory Council (SAC)

School Improvement

What is School Improvement?

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is written each year and is due in October.  Parents and community members can preview the plan in early October.

School Improvement is the process by which representatives of all stakeholders of a school community meet to:

  • examine what is happening at the school
  • decide what problems need to be addressed
  • research best ways to solve the problem
  • monitor progress and
  • evaluate the success of the plan

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council shall be responsible for the final decision making at the school relating to the school improvement process, plan and implementation. The SAC will also be responsible for making decisions concerning budget, training, materials, technology, students' services, school safety, resource allocation, and any matters that are addressed in the school improvement plan.

The School Advisory Council (SAC) meets each month with the Principal and SAC Chair.  All parents and community members are invited to attend our meetings at 2:45 in the Volusia Pines Elementary Media Center on the dates listed below. If you are interested in becoming a member of our SAC this school year, please contact: Angela Pettit

Volusia Pines Elementary SAC/PTA Meeting Dates

2023-2024 School Year

  All parents and community members are invited to attend our meetings on the dates listed below. Attendance at SAC meetings is extremely important and we want to hear your feedback.